6 клас. Англійська мова. Спорт. Урок №5 (Тиж.6:СР)

Спорт. Урок №5 (Тиж.6:СР)

ДЗ: 1. Range these sports from the most dangerous to the safest. Make up 2 sentences using comparison degrees. (запиши види спорту від найнебезпечнішого до найбезпечнішого. Склади 2 речення використовуючи ступені порівняння прикметників): swimming, mountain biking, windsurfing, tennis, running, chess, boxing. 2*. Write an email to your English-speaking friend about your opinion – which sport he should choose – windsurfing or running. Use this plan: 1. “Hi” 2. Opening remarks (reason for writing, state topic): You said you’re thinking of…/You asked for my opinion about/on/You asked me what I think about 3. Good point/bad points with reasons. 4. Your opinion: I think/In my opinion 5. Closing remarks: Good luck/Let me know how it goes/you get on/Keep me posted 6. Your first name Look at example: From: David To: Nat Subject: Skateboarding or basketball? Hi Nat, You asked me about my opinion which sport you should choose – skateboarding or basketball. Skateboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s expensive. There is a lot of equipment to buy like skateboard, helmet and special clothes. And it is really dangerous. Basketball is very exiting and it’s not so expensive to play. It teaches you team skills but it can be dangerous too – you can get hurt easily. To me, both sports are great. Choose the one you like the most. Let me know how it goes. David